A Look at the Stanley Roads Pavers: Quality, Safety and Environmental Features

See where the latest innovative design by the Stanley Roads team achieves an increased focus on safety while delivering superior performance.

 Key features and benefits that help to achieve excellent paving quality are the: 

Dual compaction system to achieve homogenous product placement – Ensures no costly over placement of materials. Better tolerances are achieved hence minimising requirements for corrective layers. 

Automated Screed control to control levels and height of mat thickness and placement (Mobamatic levelling system 2+ grade sensors and 1+ grade sensors) – Removes operator errors ensuring more consistent levels, more homogenous mix and less particle segregation. 

Key safety features and benefits of the range of paving machines are: 

TruckAssist lighting system using internationally recognised red, amber and green light signals mounted at the front of the paving machines in conjunction with spotters. The system TruckAssist allows safe, efficient communication between the drivers of the paver and the truck and also feeder driver – Ensuring the safe operation of machinery at all times on site. 

Elevated work platform provides better visibility and safer working environment for all associated plant, equipment and people. 

The key environmental features and benefits of the range of pavers offered by Stanley Roads includes: 

Reduced Fuel Consumption Tier IIIA engine offers optimized energy conversion. Load sensing hydraulic system can save up to 15% on energy costs. 

Reduced Noise levels Designed to reduced noise levels to 104db(A) through an efficient drive system, noise insulation and a noise optimized screed. 

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