Brisbane City Council, Road Resurfacing Program 2018-19


Brisbane City Council’s 2018-19 road resurfacing program will help make suburban streets smoother, safer and more enjoyable to use every day, representing a $90 million investment. By improving access to major transport networks, minimise traffic congestion and improve safety in local areas by constructing intersections, corridor upgrades and minor road projects.

Stanley Road Construction is the chosen contractor to supply and lay the asphalt for Works Package 1 which will include major road construction, intersection upgrades and amendments to local roads.

The project started in November 2018 and will continue into 2019.

Featured Project: Construction Package 1, Various Streets

Description of works:

Road rehabilitation and associated works – excavations, sprayed bituminous surfacing, placement of dense graded asphalt, sub-soil drainage & minor civils.




NOVEMBER 2018 – Onwards



• Cold planning and disposal of profilings up to a depth of 30mm – 100mm
• Seal, class C170 (maximum 5% cutter), including supply of binder and cutter
• Spreading cover aggregate 10mm
• Tack coat [0.2] litres/m2, residual bitumen
• Dense graded asphalt corrector layer, Type 2 (10mm mix) corrector, overlay & failure repairs
• Dense graded asphalt, Type 4 (35mm mix)
• Subsoil drains, Type A, 100mm in accordance with BCC standard drawing BSD-2041, as detailed in site plan

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