“Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment”

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Building a more sustainable future

Stanley Roads are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our people, the environments and the communities that surround us, both now and into the future.

Stanley Roads understands that our future in the industry is reliant on having a reliable and socially responsible supply chain, a sustainable community and ensuring strong stakeholder relationships. When our clients choose to use a product manufactured by Stanley Roads, they are assured that they are using a product that has considered the environment, community and sustainability through each step of the process. This begins with selecting our suppliers, the product we use, the next generation manufacturing process and the delivery to the Client.

By continuing to invest in research and development, driving performance through world’s best practice and adopting proven advanced technologies along with developing our people to effectively lead, operate and take responsibility for the communities we operate in – Stanley Roads will provide a sustainable business for the future.

As a sustainable business, Stanley Roads will extend employment opportunities to both locals and minorities, offering safety, environmental and other personal development training.

The Benefits of a more Sustainable Road Construction Industry

Conserving natural resources by decreasing the demand for virgin materials

Protecting local ecosystems and maintaining diversity levels

Reducing energy consumption, transport emissions and disposal of waste to landfill

Reducing road haulage requirements, reducing road congestion and increasing road safety

Recycled Asphalt
Resource Recovery
Internal Initiatives


Stanley Roads are committed to improving our Quality, Safety and Environmental culture with a focus on improving the sustainability of the road construction industry in the future. We aim to maximise value through cost-effective solutions, innovation and continuous improvement.

Stanley Roads management systems have the structure, depth and flexibility to guide the successful delivery of the most complex projects.

Stanley Roads maintains third party certification of its integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety management system.

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