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Stanley Roads understands that our future in the industry is reliant on having a reliable and socially responsible supply chain, a sustainable community and ensuring strong stakeholder relationships. To reduce the overall impacts, stakeholders involved across the full lifecycle need to be engaged and willing to consider alternative design solutions, new and improved products, and different ways of working together to deliver better outcomes. Showing our commitment and promoting innovation and technology solutions internally will be a key part in the success of this Strategy.

Employee Engagement

Communicate our sustainability objectives to employees, contractors and other key stakeholders, and foster a culture which encourages innovative thinking to address sustainability challenges. We want sustainable thinking to be a core part of the day-to-day work of our staff and all who are involved in supporting our activities.

Sustainable Procurement

Stanley Roads understands the importance of establishing a strong local network of suppliers, resources and sub-contractors within each local community they operate to procure goods, services, and materials that not only deliver value for money but also contribute to the community around us.

Our Environmental Footprint

Stanley Roads complete a monthly environmental and sustainability report in which we can track, amongst other criteria, our fuel consumption and waste avoidance so that we can adequately plan to continually reduce our carbon footprint.

monthly environmental and sustainability tracker

Monthly Fuel Consumption
Monthly waste production

Being Green on the Road

Protect human health and improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions from diesel engines and increasing fuel economy helps the environment and is more cost effective.

Logistics management

Stanley Roads aim to reduce the travel distances of our trucks through efficient programming reducing the amount of trucking hours.

Fuel choices

Stanley Roads purchase only clean fuel, reducing the fuel emissions generated from our operations.

Modern Plant and Equipment Fleet

Stanley Roads provides its clients with the latest state of the art, energy efficient technology, minimising the impact to the environment and meeting the client’s requirements in an environmentally friendly, effective and efficient manner.

Plant and equipment maintenance

All plant and equipment is serviced regularly and inspected daily to prevent spills and leaks and/or any potential environmental impact.

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