Stanley Road Construction. adopting leading edge technologies to ensure operational excellence and maximum Quality, Environmental and Safety considerations are met

technology & Equipment solutions

Stanley Roads adopting leading edge technologies to ensure operational excellence and maximum Quality, Environmental and Safety considerations are met. We operate a fleet of state-of-the-art machines and cutting-edge technologies for the road construction, pavement recycling and asphalt manufacturing industries.

Dual compaction system to achieve homogenous product placement – Ensures no costly over placement of
materials. Better tolerances are achieved hence minimising requirements for corrective layers.

Automated Screed control to control levels and height of mat thickness and placement (Mobamatic levelling
system 2+ grade sensors and 1+ grade sensors) – Removes operator errors ensuring more consistent levels,
more homogenous mix and less particle segregation.

TruckAssist lighting system using internationally recognised red, amber and green light signals mounted
at the front of the paving machines in conjunction with spotters. The system TruckAssist allows safe, efficient
communication between the drivers of the paver and the truck and also feeder driver – Ensuring the safe
operation of machinery at all times on site.

Elevated work platform provides better visibility and safer working environment for all associated plant,
equipment and people

Reduced Fuel Consumption
Tier IIIA engine offers optimized energy conversion.
Load sensing hydraulic system can save up to 15% on energy costs.

Reduced Noise levels
Designed to reduced noise levels to 104db(A) through an efficient drive system, noise insulation and a noise
optimized screed.

A 3D Paving Control System allows you to accurately control the screed to pave with variable depth and slope based on a 3D design. This can help speed up your paving production while laying a smoother surface and reducing material costs.
Benefits of 3-D paving include:

• Accurate product placement of the finished surface to tolerances of 3 millimetres.

• Less Material waste reducing material costs

• Ability to lay complex designs such as transitions, super-elevated curves and frequently changing cross slopes.

Dyn@lyzer technology intelligent compaction control – Quality assurance, consistent compaction, compaction quality control means that:

• No unnecessary compaction of already completed areas.
• The risk of under or over compaction is eliminated.
• The compaction work can be focused on specific areas that require additional compaction.
• Each stage of the compaction work is documented and presented to the operator in real-time.
• 100% area coverage compared to only a fraction of a percent with traditional compaction control methods.
• Soft starting and stopping feature to prevent unevenness or cracking in the asphalt layers.

Environmental benefits are achieved through reduced fuel consumption and quieter operation.

• Powered by Tier IIIA engine. The automatic idling system together with a highly efficient hydraulic system makes fuel consumption low and efficient allowing for fuel savings up to 20% to be achieved and keep exhaust emission on a low level.

• High frequency vibration as standard – allowing quieter operation.

Visibility is one of the most important issues for making an asphalt roller efficient and safe to operate. Therefore, all the machines have full visibility of drum edges, drum surfaces and sprinkler nozzles – allowing for safe operation.

The manoeuvrable and flexible machines allow for increased productivity enabling:

• Milling works under cramped conditions.
• Partial repairs of roadways.
• Layer-by-layer removal of road pavements.
• Removal of complete road pavements.
• Production of specified surface textures (fine milling).
• Levelling irregularities in the surface course.

Stanley Road Construction is committed to actively protecting both the environment and natural resources by ensuring the cold-milling machines it offers have:

• Fuel-efficient diesel engines that comply with current international exhaust emission standards.
• Numerous automated features to ensure a fuel-efficient and low-emission milling process.
• The highly effective VCS (Vacuum Cutting System) which reduces dust emissions and improves the air quality in the surroundings of the milling drum housing.
• Effective soundproofing and the anti-vibration mounted engine to ensuring low noise and vibration levels.

Fitted with a Tier IIIa engine makes fuel consumption low and efficient allowing for fuel savings and keeps exhaust emission to a low level.

Stanley Road Construction have selected the safest skidsteer in the world due to side entry (no ingress or egress under or over the bucket or attachment) and 260o visibility – ensuring safe operation.

In line with the current standards for emission control for new heavy vehicles ADR 80/03, which is based on the Euro V standards, Stanley Road Construction have selected a fleet of trucks which through the use of innovative technology SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) meet Euro 5 exhaust emission requirements.

Additionally, we have fitted the vehicles with technology that can track fuel consumption, aggressive and inefficient driving practices, and suggest maintenance so as to ensure the vehicle runs more efficiently.

Walking-floor trailers differ from traditional articulated tipper trucks by using an in-built moving floor to ‘walk’ the product out of the trailer to discharge their loads.

• Reduced particle segregation leading to a more homogenous mix being placed and reduced risk of accelerated pavement distress.

• R rating of 7.2 per inch achieved by Thermax insulation on the side wall of the trailer covered in smooth aluminium, allows better temperature control of the hot mix asphalt improving compaction

• Increased stability and ability to operate without tipping, providing a number of health and safety benefits for their operators and those working on site.

• Able to discharge materials in locations that would otherwise pose a risk, including underneath overhead power lines or in tunnels allows work to be completed more flexibly and efficiently.

Less truck movements required to unload allowing for greater productivity and improved logistics. Walking-floor trailers can operate in tight areas and allow continuous laying, which increases site productivity.

Using state of the art technology allows Stanley Roads to achieve instantaneous

on-site compaction results, the benefits of which are:

• Quick and accurate measurements in three seconds
• Provides density measurements, mat temperatures, moisture levels and compaction results
• Lightweight and easy to transport

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